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02 Mar 2014
It's about time
Two albums, pant pant, I've got two album upon the internet. Starting with CDBaby and working outward, I have Lou Lou & Bird (Bird, that' s me) our first published sound art album. Our Soundpaintings. I has taken the past year and I'm still going with a do over coming up and two MORE albums to go. OH, but in between there. I have in my hand Bird Notes, the companion album to go with Classical Bird. That is going to be released in a few weeks. I have a coupon that covers the entry fee. Hard on the ...
02 Dec 2013
It takes time to get a recording to finish, especially if your engineer has another job. We had to sort through all the pieces, there are many, to get the best take, to hook up various starts and stops of a tune and for me to listen and listen. I ALWAYS loath the recordings when I first hear them. I don't know why that is, but it's uncomfortable. I have to wait for a month before I can clearly hear what we've recorded. I'm still not happy with the recordings, people needed a conductor and several ...
12 Aug 2013
The recording work began the concert
I hired half the Cape Cod Symphony to record some 15 pieces of mine, most under 5 minutes. It was one hell of a period, I was working round the clock to send each musician corrections to everything, it seemed. Some of it was computer idiocy, the rest was mine. Then there was this long month where I paced and twiddled my thumbs while the groups practiced. Next was the day we recorded at the Cultural Center of Cape Cod. Beautiful place, lousy sound and piano, but we didn't know, it just worked out that ...