It's about time

02 Mar 2014 Article
2 new albums on the internet and 2 more coming

Two albums, pant pant, I've got two album upon the internet. Starting with CDBaby and working outward, I have Lou Lou & Bird (Bird, that' s me) our first published sound art album. Our Soundpaintings. I has taken the past year and I'm still going with a do over coming up and two MORE albums to go. OH, but in between there. I have in my hand Bird Notes, the companion album to go with Classical Bird. That is going to be released in a few weeks. I have a coupon that covers the entry fee. Hard on the heels of the do over, Sparcity witha tuba...I'll get the master of Jazz Bird. Two of the tunes off that are on HotMix106 with Cory..something.

I have more commissions, one to France, one to Italy and one to Albuquerque. I just love how the internet has opened up the world. I can "go anywhere".

Canary March 1, 2014



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